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Bring It On: 7 Questions Every ESL Teacher Has About Classroom Debates

esl debates

What comes to mind when you hear the word “debates”?

TV debates, politicians contradicting each other before elections or…debates in class between student teams?

Well, in case you aren’t familiar with this exciting method in ESL classes, I’m going …

5 Effective Reading Comprehension Strategies for Your ESL Students

ESL reading comprehension strategies

How many words do you read every day?

Let’s put things in perspective.

In this post alone, you are going to rack up over 1400.

Given that, you can imagine you are probably reading thousands of words every day.

What …

10 Teaching Tips for Getting Your Students in the English Learning Zone

tips for teaching english

Friends, family and coworkers are good at psyching us out.

Everyone and their mother has an opinion about teaching students English properly.

Are you about to start your career as an ESL teacher? Have you just begun working as an

How to Teach English Through Short Films and Documentaries


Who doesn’t love movies?

We laugh, we cry and—most importantly—we learn.

Even with movies in your native tongue, the ups and downs of a well-crafted story can teach you unexpected lessons about life and language.

Since you’re here hunting for …

4 Practical Tips for Motivating Adolescent ESL Learners to Use English

4 tips for motivating adolescent learners to use english in class

Imagine a day where you walk into class and your adolescent EFL/ESL students are very chatty.

Some are talking about last night’s soccer game, while others are curious about a classmate’s new lucky charm.

When you get their