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Original Ways to Play 5 Classic Board Games for ESL Classroom Fun

esl board games

Shall we play a game?

The words made famous by the Matthew Broderick movie thirty years ago are still useful in the ESL classroom today.

Games are fun and can have lots of linguistic advantages.

But it’s a lot of …

5 Handy Go-to Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom

thinking child

All ESL teachers are familiar with this awkward moment:

You ask one of your students a question, and in response you get…


Don’t be discouraged, though. Your students have a lot to say!

If they’re not speaking up

How to Teach English to Children: 3 Powerful Strategies for Impressive Results


Do you often hear precious little laughs and dramatic sobs in the same day?

Is your classroom is filled with color and creativity?

Have you ever felt like you’re becoming your mother (“Stop making that face or it will freeze …