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How to Create Fun and Meaningful Writing Lessons for Your ESL Students

esl writing lessons

Is writing a mystery to your students?

Writing well in a second language is arguably one of the hardest skills for anyone to develop.

It requires not only a broad vocabulary and a good grasp on grammar, but also …

8 Challenges of Teaching English to Adults and How to Overcome Them

teaching english to adults

As all teachers of English know, one size most certainly does not fit all.

Each learner has individual needs, and there are also more general factors to consider, like age.

The challenges facing adult language learners can be (and often …

7 Advantages of the Bilingual Method of Teaching English


Is a student’s mother tongue a help or hindrance in learning a new language?

Pop your head into English language classes around the world and it would appear it’s more often considered a hindrance.

But is that what it really …