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Everyday Brain Teasers: 15 Riddles for ESL Students


What gets broken without being held? 

Bet you can’t solve this riddle!

Stumped? Read this read this article to find the answer.

If that put your brain to work, consider this: riddles and brain teasers are a blast in the …

Getting Literary with Your Students: ESL Poems for Adults


Roses are red, violets are blue.

Adult ESL students can benefit from learning poetry too.

Did you know that poems are a great tool for teaching English?

Poems come in all shapes, sizes and moods, so you can find a …

13 Nursery Rhymes for All Your ESL Teaching Goals


I bet you can remember at least one of your favorite childhood nursery rhymes.

Even if you haven’t heard it in years, could you sing it start-to-finish right now?

Nursery rhymes are catchy, easy to memorize and fun, so …

Show, Don’t Tell: 8 Delicious Activities for ESL Descriptive Writing Classes


I could smell the peppers. It was dinner time. I washed my hands. 

Sure, the sentences above get the point across. But how about this:

The sweet, burnt scent of roasting peppers hung in the air. I knew dinner was

5 St. Patrick’s Day ESL Activities Delivered Straight from the End of the Rainbow


Don your green apparel!

Ready your wishes for that four-leaf clover!

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner!

This is a fantastic opportunity to explore vocabulary and culture with your ESL students. Some of the biggest and most spectacular

7 Fun Information Gap Activities for the ESL Classroom


Speaking is a lot like investigating, isn’t it?

We use language to convey ideas and information. We also use it to ask questions, gather details and solve problems. Every time we speak we are acting as amateur detectives, …

The Totally Chill Guide to Teaching Stress ESL Lessons


Just breathe!

Are you feeling stressed?

Can’t think of a new, exciting lesson for your ESL students?

Or maybe your students are stressed out and having difficulty expressing their feelings?

Sadly, stress is pretty much an inevitable part of modern-day …