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Comedy Hour: 8 Ways to Teach Classroom Jokes in English


Do your students ever seem a little bored or sleepy?

As a teacher, there’s nothing more frightening than standing at the front of the class and having at a bunch of despondent faces staring back at you.

When my classes …

Make Your Lesson Lit: 5 Activities for Teaching Slang in ESL Class


Dude, what’s up? 

Nothing much. Just chillin’!

For a native English speaker, the above exchange is easy to understand and is pretty common in everyday casual conversation. But for ESL students, this type of informal English might as well sound …

Put Away Your Books: 3 Exciting Games for Teaching English Classroom Commands


Sit down, please!

Stop talking, please!

Everyone, take out a piece of paper.

If your students can’t understand these and other simple classroom commands, you may find yourself in a very chaotic classroom situation.

In some cases, you might even …

7 Musical Hits to Get You Teaching Reported Speech Through Song


Mama said, there’ll be days like this.

There’ll be days like this, mama said.

As you can see from the above example, reported speech is used to summarize or convey what was said in the past. An important part of …

Sprinkle Excitement in the Classroom with These 8 ESL Spelling Games






You read that right. When taught correctly, spelling can be fun for the whole class!

Even if writing isn’t one of your main classroom objectives, it’s still important for students to have a firm grasp on …

Fatten Your Wallet by Working Short-term TEFL Summer Jobs


Are you tired of staring at an empty summer calendar?

There’s a way you can turn your summer into the adventure of a lifetime—and even get paid for it!

If you’re a native English speaker who enjoys interacting with interesting …

Making Learning Fun: 6 Passive Voice Songs for the ESL Classroom


Ever feel like the passive voice is one of the hardest concepts to teach ESL students?

Many students find it to be both confusing and frustrating—and for good reason.

You’d be surprised how many learners don’t even have a passive …