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A Starter Guide to Teaching American Culture to ESL Classes with “The Simpsons”


Want to hear some laughs from your ESL students?

Wish you could make cultural lessons more interesting and engaging?

Well, have you ever watched “The Simpsons” in class?


Aha, that explains it! Bringing America’s most popular cartoon family into …

3 Ways KK Can Save the Day: Using the KK Pronunciation Guide in Your ESL Class


I’m sorry, could you repeat that?

We’ve all had to say that to students at times because we’re not sure what they said.

If we can’t understand our students, how will people outside the class react when our students speak?

5 Fun Physical Activities to Get Your ESL Class Moving and Grooving


Have you ever had a class of elementary students who sat perfectly still?

Young students who used quiet voices and stayed completely concentrated on a single task?

Probably not.

Anyone who has taught a class of elementary school students for …

The Teacher’s Handbook for Great One-on-one ESL Lessons


You’re about to go mano-a-mano with an ESL student for the first time.

Wondering how to make a one-on-one lesson as awesome as possible?

Well, we just happen to have a great formula for one-on-one ESL lesson success.

Every classroom …

How to Teach Writing to ESL Students Through Bad Writing


Do you consistently receive subpar writing from certain students?

Are you looking for a new way to improve your students’ writing?

What if I told you there were a way to actually use poor writing samples to boost writing …

6 ESL Teaching Techniques to Cut TTT and Get Your Students Talking


“The teacher doesn’t give the students enough time to talk.”

Every teacher has heard this criticism or something similar.

Whether you’re getting it from students or supervisors, it’s something you probably want to change.

Usually, we hear this when we …

The Secret to Improving ESL Reading and Writing Skills: Summary Writing


Your ESL students are working on their reading and writing skills, right?

But you probably never seem to have enough time in class for both—especially when you want students to have speaking practice as well.

So what if you …