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Get an Earful! Create an ESL Listening Lab with 10 Time-saving Programs


Remember that one time?

When you meant to order french fries, but instead said french flies?

Oui! Oui! (Yes! Yes!) One phoneme can make a heck of a difference.

Or when you asked your friend, child or student to repeat …

17 Interactive ESL Listening Websites to Fit Any Student’s Mood


Teachers are known to take special pains to make learning fun for their students.

They bend over backwards to make vocabulary lessons sizzle or to encourage learners to speak in class.

But we all know that even after …

Just Press “Play”: 9 Activities for Teaching English with Videos

teaching english with videos

I’ve heard a few second language learners say they learned English by watching TV or film.

Now, while I can’t test the validity of their statement, I totally get it.

I can definitely say that using video clips is …