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Easy as Pie: Everything You’ve Gotta Know to Teach English Idioms Effectively


It’s easy as pie.

No, it’s a piece of cake.

Or maybe it’s impossible to make heads or tails out of them.

Idioms. They’re a lot of fun to teach and to learn, and they’ll make your students sound more …

3 Practical and Printable ESL Lesson Plans to Teach Adults Survival English

esl lesson plans for adults

Teaching adults can be a great privilege.

Let them know you care with outstanding, informative lesson plans!

Adult students are eager to learn.

They take responsibility for their learning progress.

They often provide a wonderful snapshot of their own culture

The 6 Best ESL Kids Videos and Shows to Jumpstart Young Learners


It’s often said that children are like sponges.

They learn more quickly and efficiently than adults, soaking in new words and vocabulary relatively easily—especially if it’s coming from the TV.

Who says TV can’t teach them anything? Start using it

6 ESL Immersion Curriculum Ideas That Will Spice Up Your Classroom


There is no better way to learn English than to immerse yourself in it.

But for your students who might not be located in a native English speaking country, how can they be immersed in English?

In your classroom!

Your …

The Ultimate Guide to Using Audiobooks in Your ESL Class


A pack of trained wolf-like creatures are chasing a man in the forest.

The man is trying to cross the border illegally.

Suddenly they stop and refuse to attack him.

But they’ve never let anyone pass before. So why this …

5 Invaluable Online ESL Teaching Resources You Can’t Live Without

5 online esl teaching resources you can’t live without

We all know that class.

The one that never listens unless you have just the right activity or lesson.

Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, that special class that does well with everything—but really thrives when given …

The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Using News in the ESL Classroom

the who, what, when, where and why of using news in the esl classroom

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Every journalist worth their salt understands why each of these questions must be answered when reporting the news.

But these five W’s are also a great way for ESL students to improve their writing and …