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Chatty Kathy Conversion: How to Motivate Your ESL Students to Speak English in Class


Imagine walking into class with a great lesson prepared.

You have an awesome speaking activity that you know your students will relate to.

After explaining the activity, you ask for volunteers. As usual, though, only Super Student Sally raises her …

Teach on Your Terms: How to Successfully Teach English from Home


It’s 6 a.m., your alarm clock is blaring and all you want is to hide under the covers and go back to sleep.

But if you keep hitting snooze, you’ll be late for class.

Which is a significant problem when …

Examples of the Best Feedback for Any ESL Class


Have you ever watched “American Idol”?

You know, the show where the singer performs in front of a crowd and is judged on the spot by a panel of experts.

Talk about terrifying!

Performing for a large audience is already …

Make It Happen: 5 Strong Strategies to Teach Different Levels of ESL Students at Once


Imagine walking into a room full of ESL students on your first day teaching a new class.

The first student greets you in nearly fluent English, enthusiastically welcoming you.

You think, “Wow, this is going to be great!”…

10 Easy ESL Song Activities + Song Recommendations for All Levels


What’s your favorite song?

If it’s a popular hit, there’s a good chance your students will understand the lyrics.

A shocking study discovered that the majority of popular music is written at a third-grade reading level or below.

Let me …