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4 Simple Drama Techniques for Teaching English


Do you want to get your students up on their feet, energized and excited to learn?

Want to give them a chance to goof around together, have fun, make mistakes, laugh and move forward—all while building resiliency and community

5 Otherworldly Applications for Cloze Reading in Your ESL Class

cloze reading

What if I told you one simple technique could get your stude
nts interested in new texts
, get them to listen or read closely and push them to focus on the “big picture” use of English?

You might look …

Setting Up Success: 7 Ways to Help ELL Students Excel in Any Classroom

ell students

More and more, we English educators are being called upon to help our colleagues teach our ELL students.

Our students are out there learning more than just English—they’re using their new English skills to absorb math, science, art, history …

The Direct Method of Teaching English: Ideas, Explanations and Sample Lessons

direct method of teaching english

No time to beat around the bush.

We’re getting straight to the point here.

First things first—the Direct Method (DM) is exactly what it sounds like.

You’re actually already familiar with the Direct Method of language learning—it’s how you learned …

5 ESL Listening Lessons to Teach Students with Living, Breathing Language

ESL listening lessons

Think about the last time you traveled abroad. What was the most important language skill you brought with you?

For most of us, being able to hear and make sense of the language is key—even more so than being able

Ready, Set, Draw! 4 ESL Drawing Activities That Get Students Doodling


Lines, curves, dots, scribbles, squiggles—everything about drawing is just plain fun. 

This is especially true when you get a chance to doodle outside art class.

In ESL class, students don’t have to produce Da Vinci quality sketches or focus on …