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Make ELL Activities Interesting Again with 8 Creative Teaching Ideas


Teaching English is a roller coaster of moods and energy levels, full of ups, downs, corkscrews and loop-de-loops.

Ever have one of those mornings where you just can’t get out of bed?

So do your students.

How about those mornings …

Do You Know How to Really Motivate ESL Students to Learn English?


Imagine the following scenarios.

You’re trying to completely give up drinking soda. You used to drink three bottles every day. Now, you only drink one bottle a day. That’s pretty good, right? Or maybe it’s still kind of bad?…

Rock Your World: 5 ESL Teaching Methods You’ll Turn to over and over Again


Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head?

No matter how hard you try to shake it, it’s there—over and over and over again.

That’s actually a sign of pretty clever song writing.

Wouldn’t it be amazing …

5 Instruction Strategies for ELL Students That Are Surefire Winners

instruction strategies for ell students

There are certain times in life when it may pay to gamble.

For example, hitting the blackjack tables, a Saturday night card game with friends or maybe even picking up that lottery ticket on the way home.

There are …

Classroom to Castle: 8 Building Blocks of a Student-friendly ESL Environment

esl classroom environment

Sunscreen: Check.

Lawn chair: Check.

Cold beverage…

Okay, okay, so maybe being in your ESL classroom will never be quite as pleasant as a day at the beach.

Regardless, most places can be made more comfortable with just a little …

What’s an Affective Filter and How Does It Affect English Language Learning? Here’s the Lowdown.

affective filter

Think of the affective filter like one of our favorite party games: limbo! 

How low can you go? The lower the filter, the higher the success!

If you are not already familiar with the concept of the affective filter, …

3 Epic Themed Lessons for Your ESL Class Using Brilliant Authentic Materials

authentic materials for esl class

Silk or polyester?

Hamburgers or tofu?

Caffeinated or decaf?

There may be some room for debate when discussing certain items and their not-so-authentic counterparts. In the matter of the ESL classroom there is no room for debate: Authentic is always …