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5 Public Speaking ESL Activities That’ll Turn Your Students into Toastmasters


Public speaking can be a scary thing.

Also known as glossophobia, the fear of public speaking is a major source of anxiety for roughly 75% of people worldwide.

And as much as we like to say imagining the

Add Some Fun to Your Next ESL Family Lesson Plan with These 5 Activities

esl family lesson plan

Do some of your students fly through your lessons, while others struggle to grasp the very basics?

Even the best learners miss the mark from time to time, especially when they can’t relate to the material being taught.

When it …

5 Activities for Teaching English Time to ESL Students in No Time Flat


When learning a new language, many students start with numbers.

From there, the natural progression is to tell the time.

That’s where things get more difficult.

It can also be where students switch off.

Keeping students engaged in grammar lessons …

5 High School English Classroom Decoration Ideas to Keep Your ESL Students Engaged and Inspired


When you’re teaching English to teenagers, creating the right environment is crucial.

The pictures on the walls, the color scheme of the room and the way the desks are arranged can all change the way your students learn.


How to Nail Your ESL Demo Lessons and Land a Teaching Job


A row of bored-looking kids (or adults) sits staring at you, waiting.

Your task is to entertain and educate these individuals in a way that sets you apart from the competition.

No, you’re not a clown in a circus. Though …

12 Activities for Teaching ESL Students About British Culture


Ask your ESL students what comes to mind when they think of England.

The responses will inevitably include “football/soccer,” “Big Ben” or “drinking tea.”

These are definitely all things Great Britain is known for.

But British culture is more than

Going Abroad? Here’s How to Teach English Without a TEFL Certificate


Teaching abroad could be one of the greatest experiences of your life.

For many, living and working in another country is a bucket-list item.

But before you set off on your journey of a lifetime, first you’ll need to …