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20 Things to Know About Teaching English to Spanish Speakers


Spanish speakers are a diverse bunch, hailing from all around the world.

Spanish is spoken far and wide, serving as the official language in countries of North, South and Central America, Europe and Africa.

It’s only natural that, of …

7 Simple Classroom Ideas for New and Experienced Educators Alike


Every teacher has been there.

It’s your first day teaching in a classroom, and when you ask for guidance someone tells you very vaguely to “just teach them.”

“What does that even mean?” you ask yourself as you start …

Let’s Talk Shop! 28 Business English Topics to Ignite Conversation


Teaching business English is more or less the same as teaching standard English—with a few twists and tweaks.

Usually you’ll start with students who speak at a pretty advanced level and tend to want to gear their English towards

5 Superb Series of English Teaching Books to Use with the “Teach This, Skip That” Method


After teaching for some time, you may have noticed that you have the same gut reaction to many ESL teaching books.

These are some common thoughts to have while skimming through the various books your school offers:

“I definitely …

The 8-part Questionnaire That Will Let You Know Your Adult ESL Students Inside and Out

esl for adults

Wish you could peek inside your students’ brains and read their minds?

Wish you could hear what’s inside your students’ hearts and could use that insider knowledge to instigate a passion for language learning?

Well, you can—and we’re going …

Take the Plunge! 20 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Teach English Abroad


Sometimes there are situations in life that seem bad on a superficial level, but they end up changing your life for the better.

That’s just how the universe works, friends.

Looking back in retrospect, we’ll often see that the …

7 Handy Hacks: How to Teach Any ESL Class with Ease


Are you looking out for number one?

Even if you’ve never taught a day in your life and have just sat in classes, you already know that teaching isn’t always painless.

It’s like most work.

The trick is to …