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6 ESL Professional Development Ideas to Learn and Grow as Teachers


Ever had one of those uh-oh moments that completely ruined your lesson?

One time when I was still training to be a teacher, I had lost my lesson plan minutes before my teaching assessment thanks to a computer outage. As …

How to Teach English to Kindergarteners: Tips and Activities You Can Rely On


It takes a special kind of person to teach kindergarteners.

I learned this lesson on my first day of teaching at an English academy for kindergarteners. I thought I was already prepared for the job because of my experience with …

Eco English: 5 Earth Day Activities for Your ESL Classroom


Ever feel like there’s more you could be doing for the environment?

Every few weeks, I like to wake up early on a Saturday morning and pick up trash along the beach. But no matter how often I do it, …

Conversation Training Wheels: How to Successfully Teach Real English with Prepared Dialogues


Um… uh… well…

No matter your native language, you’ve probably had one of those moments where you just didn’t know what to say.

Maybe it was when a professor called on you while you were daydreaming about your weekend. …

Be Prepared: Crucial Interview Questions for English Teachers Applying Abroad


Have you ever had an interview that was an absolute disaster?

The first interview I had after graduating college was with a marketing firm. I showed up to the meeting unprepared and overconfident.

Then they asked me which project in …

Hoppy Easter! 6 Energetic, Engaging Easter ESL Activities


As a kid, I remember waking up every Easter morning to a basket filled with chocolate and sweets.

I also remember eating as much candy as humanly possible, only to pass out a few minutes later from an intense sugar …

Mind Your Manners! Helping Students Ask for Clarification in the ESL Classroom


Tired of hearing “What?!” or “Huh?” or “Repeat!” in your ESL classroom?

I was too.

At first, it was really awkward for me.

I was confused why my otherwise lovely students seemed so irritated.

While usually polite and friendly, …