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Need ESL Bible Lessons? Look No Further Than These 5 Tools


I remember being a child and feeling so confused as I read the Bible for the first time, trying to make sense of words like thee, thy and thou shalt.

It all felt Greek to me.

In fact, I never …

Your Guide for Getting All Set Up Teaching English in Prague


What do cathedrals, one very old castle and classrooms all have in common?

They’re all waiting for you in Prague.

Praised as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Prague looks like something straight out of a fairytale with …

How to Set English Classroom Rules That Actually Help You Teach


Back when I was in high school, teachers often labeled me as defiant and a troublemaker.

The thing is, I wasn’t particularly bad or disruptive.

I just needed to understand why we were expected to follow certain rules.

Of …

How to Set Up and Follow Through on an ESL Sports Lesson


My first ESL sports lesson can be described in four words:

Swing and a miss.

I made the mistake of teaching sports lessons straight from the textbook and not finding ways to use sports to engage with my students.…

Sitcoms in ESL Class? Why the “Friends” TV Series Is Fantastic for Teaching English


Are your students not getting your “Smelly Cat” references?

Or do they act completely oblivious when you shout “we were on a break!” at the end of each class recess?

If so, you might need to add some “Friends” into

9 Sites for Worksheets to Help Your EAL Classes Go Smoothly


Looking to fill awkward silences in your EAL class?

Wracking your brains to come up with unplanned activities on the fly?

Sometimes your lessons might go a little too well.

Students breeze through the textbook exercises in no time, and …

6 Brilliant English Classroom iPad Apps That’ll Make Teacher a Tech Whiz


Remember back when you were a student, when lessons were taught using chalkboards and overhead projectors?

It’s amazing that we learned as much as we did using such Stone Age technology in the classroom. I remember scrambling to write down …