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10 Exciting Tips to Make Science Vocabulary Easier for ESL Students to Understand


As a student, did you ever glance at your biology or chemistry textbook and wonder if the language you were reading was really English?

Back in college, it was all Greek to me.

(Though, to be fair, some of the

5 Effective Intonation Activities for Teaching English to Any Skill Level


I once had a student who ended every sentence with a rising intonation.

When I would ask her how she was doing, she would respond, “I am well? Thanks?”

To be honest, before I started teaching her, intonation activities never …

How to Successfully Teach 5 Common Types of English for Specific Purposes Classes


Can you spot the differences between these two adult English students?

They both start learning English as beginners. They both do well on vocabulary and grammar assignments. Each week their conversational skills make noticeable improvement. They’re learning those conjugations …

8 A+ English Language Lab Ideas to Supercharge Your Teaching


I was originally opposed to the concept of language labs.

I thought they were impersonal, outdated and not as effective as having actual face-to-face instruction time. I thought of the language labs I knew as an early ESL teacher and …

Teaching ESL as a Career: How to Start and Make the Most of It


With the world becoming a more connected place, the demand for English speakers is at an all-time high.

This also means there’s a higher demand for skilled English teachers to teach people how to navigate the English-speaking world in various …

7 Awesome ESL Video Resources, and How to Use ‘Em!


Remember movie day in class when you were a student?

It used to make me dance at my desk.

For most students, it’s exciting to see that TV rolled in or that projection screen pulled down. It means there’ll …

Start on the Right Foot: 5 Tips for a Successful First ESL Lesson


Early in my days as an English teacher, I was once thrown into a classroom of elementary students without any prior preparation.

How do you think that went?

As you would expect, it was chaos.

I had no idea about …