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Give Students a Healthy Challenge: 20 Practical Resources for Advanced ESL Lessons


Sometimes walking into an advanced ESL lesson is a little bit daunting.

Advanced learners already have robust vocabularies and are often more comfortable with grammar than many native English speakers.

So we teachers are often stuck with the question: “What …

Win Cool Points: 5 Resources to Help ESL Students Actually Enjoy Pronunciation Practice

esl pronunciation practice

If you’re like me, you vividly remember the intense pronunciation practice sessions from your high school foreign language classes.

I still have nightmares about one teacher of mine who spent at least 40 minutes of each lesson drilling problem words.…

Cloze Encounters: 10 Clever Cloze Activities for the ESL Classroom

cloze activities

Ready to cloze the gap?

As seasoned EFL teachers know, when well-thought out, a cloze activity is not only worthwhile for learners, but can also be quite fun!

At its very worst, a cloze activity is a …

Light the Fireworks: 15 Ways to Create ESL Video Lessons That’ll Make Your Class Burst with English

esl video lessons

Want to create video lessons that’ll truly captivate your class?

We’ve come a long way from the days of wheeling a TV cart into a classroom and rewatching the same VHS every year.

The internet, that land of cat videos …

5 Not-so-small Details of English Pronunciation That ESL Students Need to Know

teaching pronunciation ESL

English language learners come in all shapes and sizes. But there’s one thing that they all have in common.

They want to understand spoken English and be understood by the people they speak to.

ESL students who haven’t learned proper …