4 Chinese Classroom Activities Guaranteed to Get Your Students Speaking


Did you know that I’ve been studying Russian for some time now?

And guess what. My Russian is pretty terrible.

That may come as a surprise to you, considering I’m a language teacher. After all, I should already know how

How to Teach Chinese Characters in 6 Ridiculously Easy Methods


So, you’re making great progress with your students.

Their conversational skills are good, pronunciation sounds right.

Then comes the real challenge. It’s time for a reading activity.

Students immediately go into tailspin upon learning the unfortunate truth: You need …

How to Make Your Next Chinese Music Lesson Go Platinum


Ever had your students completely lose their focus in the middle of class?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It happens to the best of us, especially after a long day.

But with Chinese, it’s a little more complicated. Students need …

Using Technology in the Chinese Classroom to Teach Students


What’s the biggest difference between a language classroom 30 years ago and one now?

It’s not the curriculum—although we hope you’re not still teaching Chinese with books from the ’90s!

If you guessed Technology, ding ding ding, you guessed right!…

Strength in Numbers: 5 Everyday Ways to Teach Chinese Numbers to Students


Ever had students count starting from one, just to remember how to say the number that they needed?

Sometimes that can happen if numbers are taught and memorized in order.

What if students instead could immediately recall the meaning

Getting to Know You! 9 Chinese Lesson Plan Ideas That Make Class Personal


Happy Chinese students = happy Chinese teacher.

But how do we keep everyone happy?

After all, no two students are the same.

Well, therein lies the answer. Getting to know your students is a huge part of teaching Chinese

6 Laid-back, Low-key Chinese Teaching Strategies


Language teaching can be pretty intense.

Sometimes you just need a break! 

When we Chinese teachers are in need of a low-key class period, or need to prepare lessons for a substitute teacher, it can be challenging to come up