9 Awesome Resources for Chinese Worksheets

Being a Chinese teacher can be a bit rough, especially when you hit that dreaded mid-semester funk.

The students are getting a little overwhelmed with the subject matter. You’re tired because you are a fiercely dedicated (and overworked) teacher. The lessons are getting a little dry.

Luckily, you can take a break from the more intense side of teaching Mandarin while still providing your students with a substantial informative learning experience. Printable worksheets are a great way to let your students do something hands-on and different while also learning the Chinese language.

You may not know where to start when it comes to worksheets you can use to help your students improve their reading and writing skills in Chinese. Online worksheet resources are great to have bookmarked when you need decent worksheets, Chinese character grids and quizzes. Luckily, you don’t have to spend forever searching. We found ten of the best Chinese worksheet resources around.

Before we jump to it, let’s look into why worksheets are so useful for teaching Chinese.

How Can Worksheets Help My Students Learn Chinese?

  • Worksheets can make or break a student’s ability to handwrite in Chinese. You can lecture and lecture and lecture some more, but nothing really helps a student memorize 拼音 (pīn yīn) — Chinese romanization and 汉字 (hàn zì) — Chinese characters like physically writing them out with the help of a worksheet. Plus, you really can’t teach a student about proper form and stroke order without having them write it out themselves.
  • Many learners don’t benefit as much from lectures and tests as they do from physically writing Chinese. Not all students learn the same, but you probably already know that! You certainly had your own style of learning when you were becoming a Chinese teacher-in-training, so it really isn’t any different for your students. Switching things up and having your students get hands-on could be great for them.
  • Worksheets can help with character memorization, comprehension and reading skills. As we said, nothing really drives home Chinese characters quite like writing them out. Many of the worksheet resources we’ll be covering have worksheets that aim to improve Mandarin comprehension and reading skills as well.

Get Hands-on: 9 Vital Resources for Chinese Worksheets

1. Pinterest


Ah, Pinterest. The best site for learning how to do pretty much everything from DIY home decor to arts and crafts. Pinterest is also a great place to find printable Chinese worksheets for any level of learner. In fact, many teachers use it to share their favorite activities, worksheets and other media.

We suggest trying out “Colors: Chinese Word Work” for students of any age.

2. Teachers Pay Teachers


We’ve mentioned Teachers Pay Teachers before on this blog and that’s because they’re just so good! This resource site has tons of teacher and professor-approved printable resources for low prices or totally free. You can certainly find worksheets that are fit for your class’s age range and Chinese proficiency level.

We suggest trying out “FREE Chinese Practice Sheets” for PreK through 2nd-grade learners.

3. Ling-Ling Chinese


Ling-Ling Chinese has an excellent and diverse collection of free worksheet resources. Here you can find blank worksheets for character work, printable flashcards, radical and stroke order worksheets, grammar worksheets and more. These are great if you want to customize the worksheets you give to your students. Check out their “Chinese Character Writing Sheets with grid lines” or their “Blank Character Practice Worksheets with diagonal lines.”

4. Chinese Worksheet Generator


Do you need a worksheet generator that’s free and reliable? Look no further than Chinese Worksheet Generator! This website allows you to create, save and print worksheets or lessons out of any Chinese text you choose and also allows you to double-check your work for errors before moving on to downloading. All you need is Adobe Reader to view the worksheets before printing. Chinese Worksheet Generator is free to use as well!


chinese-worksheets is a great resource for any teacher of any vocation, but since we’re talkin’ Chinese here, let’s dive into the awesome resource they have for teaching Mandarin. They offer a few awesome free printable worksheets for a wide variety of ages and levels that focus specifically on writing Chinese characters. For beginner learners, we suggest printing out “Chinese Writing: ‘Big’” and “Learn Chinese Characters: “‘Good.’

6. Learn Chinese Everyday


We love free resources as much as you do and we bet you’ll really love these worksheets from Learn Chinese Everyday! This archive has hundreds of printable worksheets to choose from. There is a lot of variety of proficiency levels as well. Unfortunately, they are not organized by level so you’ll have to do some digging to find the right worksheets for your students. This is also a great resource for finding different new characters to teach your students. Try downloading “Worksheet 413” for intermediate learners or “Worksheet 30” for beginners who have learned multiple hanzi already.

7. Arch Chinese


Another great worksheet generator hits our list and this time it’s Arch Chinese. This website’s worksheet generator is great because you can fit so much custom content into them. Teaching your students about animals? Include a photo of the animal with the words! Want to use color coding to teach your students stroke order for Chinese characters? Pick any color of the rainbow with ease! It’s really a great little tool.

8. Purple Culture Chinese Practice Worksheet Generator


The Chinese Practice Worksheet Generator from Purple Culture is one of many handy tools available from this website. With this generator, simply type the characters you’d like to include in the worksheet in the box, pick your grid size and style preference, choose a font, include hints like color coding or clues, select a page size and you’re all ready to print! This generator is great for getting students to practice full sentences rather than just one word or character.

9. Teach Kids Chinese


Despite its title, you can actually use Teach Kids Chinese’s resources for teen and adult learners of Mandarin as well. The free Chinese worksheets available from this website includes worksheets and character practice sheets from the website owner plus worksheet resources collected from the internet. We suggest using “Five elements Chinese Character Worksheet and Matching Game” for teaching students to memorize certain characters and their meaning, as well as “Chinese Character Practice Sheet – Numbers 1-10” for beginners learning about Chinese numbers.


Worksheets are pretty impressive and useful tools, aren’t they? Especially when it comes to teaching written Chinese to students! We bet a few of these worksheet resources will become a staple for you to use when putting together your lesson plan each semester.

Em Casalena is a published author, freelance writer and music columnist. They write about a lot of stuff, from music to films to language.

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