8 Chinese New Year Printable Resources to Kick off the Year of the Pig

It’s not easy being a teacher, is it?

This rings especially true as a Chinese language instructor, where challenges like tone and the complex writing system make teaching even more complicated.

You’re responsible for so much! Making sure your students get access to clear and concise lessons. Keeping an eye on each student individually to make sure they aren’t struggling without help on particular aspects of Mandarin. Spending time and money on class supplies and decor. Spending hours upon hours grading homework, tests and quizzes.

On top of all this, you still have to find ways to spice things up in the classroom to assure your students’ attention spans stay focused and don’t burn out. And now, we’re going head-first into Chinese New Year. Surely you’ll have to do something different and a bit fun, right?

If you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know how to teach your Mandarin students about Chinese New Year, a vital cultural subject, don’t fret. There are so many awesome resources out there for the best printables and activities all about Chinese New Year.

Don’t want to search the net for hours looking for the best resources? You don’t need to! We’ve got you covered. We found eight stellar printable resources for Chinese New Year you can access right here, right now. Print them out and have them ready for class in mere minutes.

Before we just into these resources (and a few example printables from each one) let’s talk about why you should even bother with printables.

How Can Printables Help My Students Learn Chinese?

  • Worksheets and printables are a great way to make language-learning less conceptual and more hands-on. Not every student can handle just sitting and listening to a lecture for an hour during every class period. They may try their best and may be able to succeed at adapting to a style of teaching that doesn’t suit how they learn, but switching up how you teach Chinese can provide some much-needed relief for students who learn better from hands-on activities.
  • Printables that focus on Chinese characters are fantastic for helping students perfect their handwriting and stroke order. Chinese characters can be learned through many different methods, but the best way to learn the orthography is to simply use character worksheets and write them over and over again. Some of the printables we’ll be covering are perfect for this.
  • Taking a break to do something a bit more fun than a lecture can be entertaining but still educational. We get it. The students are burnt out and so are you. Why not have a class or two dedicated to something a little more physical and fun?


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And once you’ve done that, take a look at these awesome worksheets for Chinese New Year.

8 Chinese New Year Printable Resources to Kick off the Year of the Pig

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1. Teacher Vision


Teacher Vision is a great resource to have on hand no matter what type of subject you happen to teach. When it comes to teaching Chinese, you can find a ton of incredible teaching resources from this site such as lesson plans and printables.

For Chinese New Year, Teacher Vision put together an entire page full of educational videos, literature resources, printables, language arts activities, quizzes, history resources, lesson plans, art activities and more that all involve Chinese New Year. Most of them are free, too. How cool is that?

We suggest trying Chinese New Year Videos & Activities and Making an Erhu.

2. Activities for Kids


While most of these activities are designed for children (hence the name), teen or adult learners will absolutely benefit from these printables. Especially if they are beginner learners who are struggling to learn Chinese characters. For this resource, you’ll be making paper charms and matching different Chinese New Year words (such as “faith,” “love,” “friendship,” etc.) and matching them to their proper Chinese character. The charms turn out pretty nice-looking too, so students can keep them as decorative ornaments.

3. DLTK Holidays


DLTK’s Crafts for Kids is your number-one resource for any holiday-related craft ideas to use for students, especially for young ones.

This handy resource provides a ton of printable activities, like color pages, matching games, worksheets, recipes and many more.

We suggest trying out the Zodiac Calendar Wreath and Quilt printables.

4. Teachers Pay Teachers


Teachers Pay Teachers is a very useful resource for teachers and contains a ton of free and low-cost lesson plans and activities crafted by other teachers, complete with ratings and in-depth descriptions so you know you aren’t wasting your time on lame content for your class.

We suggest trying out the Chinese New Year 2019 Craft resource, which is designed specifically for children under ten years of age. We also suggest trying out the Chinese New Year Mandarin Literacy & Numbers bundle for older students.



If you’ve been teaching for a hot minute, you’ve probably come across This website is a great resource for educators to find new and innovative ways to entertain and teach students of all ages. They boast a hefty library of Chinese New Year worksheets and printables, many of which pertain to the Year of the Pig in 2019.

We suggest trying out the Chinese Zodiac Coloring Page for younger students and the Write Good Fortune worksheet for older ones.

6. Teaching Tiny Tots


This activity may be called “Toddler Activities” but it can certainly be used for any level of student who is just beginning to learn about Chinese numbers and dates.

It’s quite simple– just print out two copies of this printable and use it as a matching memory game. Students will quickly begin to associate what characters and their English translations look like. To make it more relevant to Chinese New Year, have students play this game to be able to properly spell the year “2019” in Chinese.

7. Enchanted Learning


Enchanted Learning requires a membership to access many of their educational web pages, but the subscription is very inexpensive and a lot of content on the site is free as well.

With this resource, you’ll find a lot of Chinese New Year crafts and activities that are focused more on the linguistic side of things. You can still have your students enjoy Chinese New Year while working on their fluency at the same time!

We suggest printing out “Chinese Counting Book: A Printable Activity Book for Early Readers” to create a workbook for beginner learners. We also suggest “Chinese New Year: A Printable Activity Book for Fluent Readers” for beginner and intermediate Mandarin learners. Don’t let the “fluent” fool you. This activity book is perfect for non-fluent readers who understand basic concepts in Mandarin and under 100 Chinese characters.

8. Activity Village


This resource is particularly handy because it divides its activities up into categories, including bookmarks, frames, posters, scrapbooking, booklets and more. All under the umbrella theme of Chinese New Year and the Chinese Zodiac. Many of these activities are free to use, but Activity Village does require a membership to access the full scope of their content.

We suggest browsing through the Lucky Money Envelopes activities as well as their Chinese New Year 2019 section for relevant Year of the Pig activities and printables.


We bet some of these printables will be staples for your classroom each and every year. Aren’t easy to find resources for education just the best? Especially when they’re free! Happy Year of the Pig!

Em Casalena is a published author, freelance writer and music columnist. They write about a lot of stuff, from music to films to language.

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