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7 Awesome Tips for Teaching Basic Chinese Phrases


Knowing basic Chinese phrases isn’t just a necessity for Mandarin learners. It can also be a literal lifesaver.

Maybe we’re being a bit dramatic here, but think of it this way. Many of your students probably plan on traveling to …

10 Ways to Kickstart Your Career Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language


Are you a brand new Mandarin language teacher or tutor?

First off, good for you! You’ve chosen to give the gift of a new language to students who could vitally use it for career and school opportunities. Mandarin is the

Strength in Numbers: 5 Everyday Ways to Teach Chinese Numbers to Students


Ever had students count starting from one, just to remember how to say the number that they needed?

Sometimes that can happen if numbers are taught and memorized in order.

What if students instead could immediately recall the meaning

Getting to Know You! 9 Chinese Lesson Plan Ideas That Make Class Personal


Happy Chinese students = happy Chinese teacher.

But how do we keep everyone happy?

After all, no two students are the same.

Well, therein lies the answer. Getting to know your students is a huge part of teaching Chinese

How to Create a Syllabus That’ll Put Your AP Chinese Course on the Map

ap chinese syllabus

Are you about to embark on your first year teaching AP Chinese?

Or perhaps you’ve taught Chinese before, but the AP Chinese waters may yet be totally uncharted for you or your school.

You know what you need? A …