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Teaching with Chinese Videos for Students


Want to hear something cool?

Before I taught Chinese, I studied Spanish for nearly a decade. And there’s one lesson that’s stuck with me through all these years…

Our unit on “Corazón salvaje” (“Wild Heart”), a Mexican soap opera, …

8 Free Chinese Teaching Resources for Taking Your Students to the Next Level


It’s okay to admit that after a while, your classroom can get a bit dry.

The day-in, day-out almost boring routine of learning a language may seem inevitable. Doesn’t there need to be consistency and stability involved in a Chinese …

10 Awesome Resources for Chinese Worksheets


Being a Chinese teacher can be a bit rough, especially when you hit that dreaded mid-semester funk.

The students are getting a little overwhelmed with the subject matter. You’re tired because you are a fiercely dedicated (and overworked) …

The 10 Best Mandarin Teaching Resources for Taking Your Class From Drab to Incredible


Teaching Mandarin is a very particular mix of thrilling, rewarding and downright difficult.

If you’re teaching this language to people who aren’t used to tonal languages or the Chinese writing system, it can be hard helping learners get over the …

8 Chinese New Year Printable Resources to Kick off the Year of the Pig


It’s not easy being a teacher, is it?

This rings especially true as a Chinese language instructor, where challenges like tone and the complex writing system make teaching even more complicated.

You’re responsible for so much! Making sure your students …

Using Technology in the Chinese Classroom to Teach Students


What’s the biggest difference between a language classroom 30 years ago and one now?

It’s not the curriculum—although we hope you’re not still teaching Chinese with books from the ’90s!

If you guessed Technology, ding ding ding, you guessed right!…

Authentic Materials for Chinese Class: 5 Awesome Sites That Give You the Best of the Best

authentic materials for chinese class

Sick of combing the web for authentic materials for your Chinese class?

You could just go through the textbook.

The problem is, most textbook courses were created for non-native speakers.

Such courses can provide great baby steps when students