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How to Teach Chinese Characters in 6 Ridiculously Easy Methods


So, you’re making great progress with your students.

Their conversational skills are good, pronunciation sounds right.

Then comes the real challenge. It’s time for a reading activity.

Students immediately go into tailspin upon learning the unfortunate truth: You need …

The Chinese Teacher’s Ultimate Guide to TPRS


What do movies, jokes, songs and gossip all have in common?

They are all stories!

Stories are a powerful way to communicate ideas so that they stick long-term. We remember far more of what we hear and read …

Short and Sweet: How to Teach Mandarin to Beginners with Simple Stories

how to teach mandarin to beginners

Do you remember the first book ever read aloud to you?

If you’re a native English speaker, maybe something by Dr. Seuss?

Or maybe “Goodnight Moon”“The Very Hungry Caterpillar”?

Before someone read fun stories to you, did …

5 Keys to a Chinese Immersion Curriculum Your Students Will Love

Amazed Young Girl Standing Up Against Large Aquarium Observation Glass.

Don’t throw your students in the deep end.

Contrary to popular belief, teaching Chinese through immersion doesn’t mean all Chinese all the time.

Nor is complete immersion the best way to learn Chinese.

Study abroad has proven to be a …