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Authentic Materials for Chinese Class: 5 Awesome Sites That Give You the Best of the Best

authentic materials for chinese class

Sick of combing the web for authentic materials for your Chinese class?

You could just go through the textbook.

The problem is, most textbook courses were created for non-native speakers.

Such courses can provide great baby steps when students

How to Create a Syllabus That’ll Put Your AP Chinese Course on the Map

ap chinese syllabus

Are you about to embark on your first year teaching AP Chinese?

Or perhaps you’ve taught Chinese before, but the AP Chinese waters may yet be totally uncharted for you or your school.

You know what you need? A …

The Chinese Educator’s Guide to What’s Out There: 14 Spectacular Teaching Resources

chinese teaching resources

Feeling lost in your search for quality Chinese teaching resources?

Join the club!

You and every other Chinese teacher out there are in the same boat, bailing out water to keep from sinking under time constraints and limited energy.

While …

5 Keys to a Chinese Immersion Curriculum Your Students Will Love

Amazed Young Girl Standing Up Against Large Aquarium Observation Glass.

Don’t throw your students in the deep end.

Contrary to popular belief, teaching Chinese through immersion doesn’t mean all Chinese all the time.

Nor is complete immersion the best way to learn Chinese.

Study abroad has proven to be a …