Top 10 Tweets of October

In addition to the big news we announced in August (support for traditional characters, rebranding as FluentU), we kept the pedal to the metal with our language tweets.

Those of you following us on Twitter were treated to a steady stream of the web’s best Chinese words, phrases, and chengyus, all along with example sentences.

Below were our top language tweets of October!  Make sure you don’t miss out on November’s by following us at our new Twitter handle, @FluentUChinese.

10. 自夸/自誇
(zì kuā): sing one’s own praises, boast 不是我自夸,我真的很善于管理

9. 单调
(dān diào): monotonous, dull:天啊,我再也受不了这种单调的生活了!

8. 心结/心結
(xīn jié): heart tied up in knots 有时候学会放下,你的心结也就没了

7. 谈婚论嫁 
(tán hūn lùn jià): to talk about getting married, discuss marriage 眼看就到谈婚伦家的

6. 异地恋/異地戀 
(yì dì liàn): long distance relationship 异地恋需要面对很多现实的困难

5. 大方 
(dà fāng): generous:他对待朋友总是特别大方

4. 哭笑不得 
 (kū xiào bù dé): not know whether to laugh or cry; a dumbfounding misunderstanding 他把我搞得哭笑不得

3. 比喻 
(bǐ yù): metaphor, analogy 这个比喻非常恰当!

2. 拉锯战/拉鋸戰 
(lā jù zhàn): tug of war 怎么着,你准备继续和她进行拉锯战啊?


And, based on your retweets and favorites, our top tweet of October…


1. 一毛不拔 
(yì máo bù bá): very stingy 她特别小气,简直是一毛不拔!

(yì): one
(máo): hair
(bù): no, not
(bá): pull, draw up

To be so stingy as to be “unwilling to give up even one hair”? Yikes!

In lieu of “小气” (xiǎo qi) , next time use 一毛不拔!

Thanks for reading!  As always, feel free to leave suggestions for daily words/phrases below.

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