Top 10 Tweets of September

Another month of bringing you Twitter’s best daily Chinese word and phrases tweets! All you have to do is follow us on Twitter (@FluentU), then sit back and watch the daily words, phrases, chengyus, and example sentences roll in. Who said learning this language needs to be hard?

Based on your re-tweets, favorites, comments (and some personal favoritism), here were our top 10 language tweets of September.

10. 富有激情
(fù yǒu jī qíng): passionate, full of enthusiasm 对生活富有激情的人,他的生活也会充满激情

9. 尴尬/尷尬
(gān gà): awkward, embarassing 现在一看到他,我就觉得好尴尬

8. 逆风阻碍/逆風阻礙
(nì fēng zǔ ài): obstructive headwinds, up against daunting circumstances 他不顾逆风阻碍,执意要出发

7. 俏皮
(qiào pi): witty, playful, cute 她是个俏皮的女孩子

6. 自以为是/自以為是
(zì yǐ wéi shì): very opiniated, self rightous 他总认为自己很了不起,自以为是的家伙!

5. 灵活调整/靈活調整
(líng huó tiáo zhěng): flexibility in adjusting 我们就根据实际情况灵活调整吧!

4. 心计/心計
(xīn jì): calculating, scheming 她虽然偶尔会有点小心计,但人还是很好的

3. 分散注意力
(fēn sàn zhù yì lì): distraction, distracting, unable to concentrate 你别在我面前晃了,会让我分散注意力的

2. AA制
(AA zhì): 其实我觉得AA制挺好的,公平嘛!


And our most popular language tweet of September?

1. 咋舌
(zé shé) left speechless 这则新闻真够令人咋舌的

This was such a popular word, we decided to write an entire blog post about it! As a dedicated learner of Chinese, you have willingly committed yourself to a plethora of embarrassing moments and awkward circumstances, but there are still those times which simply leave you speechless. Instead of throwing your hands up in the air in an exasperated fit or shrugging helplessly, next time use 咋舌(or one of these other five) to express your frustration.

Thanks for reading!  As always, feel free to leave suggestions for daily words/phrases below. And don’t forget to try out FluentU!

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