How to say plan – 计划 vs. 规划


In English, we use the word “plan” in all contexts, whether it’s our “vacation plans” or the “economic recovery plan.” By contrast, in Chinese

When you’re feeling defiant – 不服


Today we cover a word that is truly Chinese. It has no direct English counterpart and using it will make your Chinese sound more …

Essential Chengyu: When 努力 is not enough – 力所能及


One of the first phrases that intermediate Chinese learners learn may be “努力” (nǔ lì), which means “to try.” If you’ve been saying 努力 …

How do you say you “lack” something? 缺少 vs 缺乏


No doubt that you’ve often seen 缺少 (quēshǎo) and 缺乏 (quēfá) being used, but have you ever stopped to consider their subtle differences in …