Essential Chengyu: Learning Chinese is a marathon not a sprint – don’t 急于求成


 Learning Chinese is a lot like starting a business or a blog. You have to take ups and downs in stride and be prepared for the long haul. You can’t 急于求成 (jíyúqiúchéng).

急于求成 (jíyúqiúchéng) means that you are anxious for

China has many kinds of fools – 傻子 vs 呆子


You’ve probably come across tabloid headlines slamming celebrities as 傻子 (shǎzi)  or 呆子 (dāizi), but have you noticed the context in which each expression is used? Both 傻子(shǎzi) and 呆子 (dāizi) describe people who aren’t smart/intelligent and can be …

Essential Chengyu: Call someone out with this – 强词夺理


One of the hardest things to do in Chinese is to argue and debate. If you’re arguing with someone and you want to call them out for not making any sense, try this one: 强词夺理 (qiǎng cí duó lǐ).…

Chinese Slang: Can’t take it anymore? 伤不起


Today we cover a Chinese slang word you can use next time you have a rough week at work, in the stock market, or with your significant other: 伤不起 (shāngbùqǐ).

伤不起 (shāngbùqǐ) basically means that that you feel beaten and …

Are you ‘in the know’? 消息灵通


Nowadays, arguably we’re better informed than ever because of social media like Weibo (China’s Twitter). As an advanced Chinese learner, do you know the word for “well-informed”? If not, we have a Chinese expression for you: 消息灵通 (xiāoxi língtōng).


Essential Chengyu: How to describe a meticulous person? 精打细算


If you’ve lived in China before, you know that many Chinese people are shrewd bargainers. They also do their homework on discounts and have some of the highest savings rates in the world. How would you describe this behavior? Maybe

Essential Chengyu: How to describe a Macbook Air? 精益求精


What Chinese words would you use to describe a Macbook Air? 很酷 (hěn kù – cool)?很薄 (hěn báo – thin)?How about 精益求情 (jīngyìqiújīng) 的做工(zuògōng – workmanship)?

精益求精精 (jīngyìqiújīng) basically means to be constantly striving for perfection. Literally, it means …