Ultimate Chinese Vocabulary Word List for Computers and the Internet


Do you know how to say “tweet” in Chinese?

How about “email” or “blogger”?

Do you know the Chinese counterparts to Youtube, Google and Facebook?

If you’re curious, our Mandarin Chinese vocabulary list for computers and the internet has you

10 Tried and True Tips for Learning with Chinese Tutors


So you’re learning Mandarin with a Chinese tutor.

Question: how do you know you’re making the most out of your time with your tutor?

If you are no longer a beginner and really want to get good, I don’t …

Chinese Vocabulary | 4 ways to respond to compliments or flattery


If you speak Chinese and have been to China, you probably know that Chinese people love to compliment foreigners on their Chinese. Next time you get complimented, instead of going back to your standard 谢谢 (xiè xiè – “thank you”)

Essential Chengyu: For you jetsetters out there – 四海为家


Nowadays, it can seem like many of us spend more time living on planes rather than on the ground. We can say such jetsetters 四海为家 (sìhǎiwéijiā).

四海为家 (sìhǎiwéijiā) basically means that the whole world (literally, the four seas) is

Essential Chengyu: Learning Chinese is a marathon not a sprint – don’t 急于求成


 Learning Chinese is a lot like starting a business or a blog. You have to take ups and downs in stride and be prepared for the long haul. You can’t 急于求成 (jíyúqiúchéng).

急于求成 (jíyúqiúchéng) means that you are anxious for

China has many kinds of fools – 傻子 vs 呆子


You’ve probably come across tabloid headlines slamming celebrities as 傻子 (shǎzi)  or 呆子 (dāizi), but have you noticed the context in which each expression is used? Both 傻子(shǎzi) and 呆子 (dāizi) describe people who aren’t smart/intelligent and can be …

Essential Chengyu: Call someone out with this – 强词夺理


One of the hardest things to do in Chinese is to argue and debate. If you’re arguing with someone and you want to call them out for not making any sense, try this one: 强词夺理 (qiǎng cí duó lǐ).…