Essential Chengyu: Smooth talk


Have you ever been talked into buying something you didn’t want?

Or doing something you didn’t want to do?

Then you probably know what

Essential Chengyu: Warren Buffett’s favorite


If you’ve noticed, our blog never promises results in 5 minutes a day. 

And we never will, because we still believe that old school …

Essential Chengyu for that familiar love story


Have you heard this love story before?

Two strangers work and live near each other. They’re perfect for each other, but as fate has …

Embrace the Embarrassing Moments: The Importance of Tones!

As part of our Embrace the Embarrassing Moments series, we feature a reader’s story about an embarrassing moment from when they were learning

Essential Chinese Slang To Celebrate “Singles Day”


What is this “Singles Day” business?

Every year in November, single Chinese people celebrate their singleness together on “Singles Day” –  光棍节 (guāng gùn …

Essential Chengyu: Don’t you love this feeling?


Have you ever come across a chengyu that is good, so good that you want to say it when you’re speaking English? 

We have

Essential Chengyu: Through thick and thin


Learning Chinese has a lot of ups and downs.

What always helps is having friends who are experiencing the same things as you,