Are you ‘in the know’? 消息灵通


Nowadays, arguably we’re better informed than ever because of social media like Weibo (China’s Twitter). As an advanced Chinese learner, do you know the word for “well-informed”? If not, we have a Chinese expression for you: 消息灵通 (xiāoxi língtōng).


Essential Chengyu: How to describe a meticulous person? 精打细算


If you’ve lived in China before, you know that many Chinese people are shrewd bargainers. They also do their homework on discounts and have some of the highest savings rates in the world. How would you describe this behavior? Maybe

Essential Chengyu: How to describe a Macbook Air? 精益求精


What Chinese words would you use to describe a Macbook Air? 很酷 (hěn kù – cool)?很薄 (hěn báo – thin)?How about 精益求情 (jīngyìqiújīng) 的做工(zuògōng – workmanship)?

精益求精精 (jīngyìqiújīng) basically means to be constantly striving for perfection. Literally, it means …

Essential Chengyu: Next time you find yourself in a debate – 合情合理


Debating and persuading are some of the hardest things to do in Chinese. You probably find yourself saying a lot of 有道理 (yǒu dàolǐ – that makes sense) or 对 (duì – right)! Here’s another word to help bring other

Essential Chengyu: What do we hope to do with FluentU? 开天辟地


At FluentU, we’re trying to create a whole new way to learn Chinese. You could say it’s nothing short of 开天辟地 (kāi tiān pì dì). 

开天辟地 (kāi tiān pì dì) basically means to do something historic and unprecedented. Literally …

Essential Chengyu: Our blog’s target audience? Learners who 全力以赴

Learn Chinese - Need to Know Chengyu 8 - Quanliyifu

People sometimes ask who our target audience is. We have a longer answer here, but simply put, we’re serving those who are really passionate about learning Chinese and 全力以赴 (quán lì yǐ fù).

全力以赴 basically means to give it

Essential Chengyu: A chengyu for the dining room table – 津津有味


Food is a big part of Chinese culture. Unfortunately, you may find yourself overusing 好吃 (hǎochī – delicious), the word you learned after 你好 (nǐhǎo). Here’s a chengyu you can use next time you’re eating: 津津有味 (jīnjīnyǒuwèi).

津津有味(jīnjīnyǒuwèi)means to eat