I’d stick knives in my ribs for you, man


This is probably our most violent chengyu ever.

But it’s also one of the most positive.

Use this chengyu for close friends that you’d do anything for, including sticking knives in your ribs. It’s 两肋插刀 (liǎng lèi chā dāo).


5 Ways to Say “Excuse Me” in Public


Crowds are a fact of life in China.

So what do you say if you’re in a hurry and have to get past people?

Perhaps you’ve been silently bumping into and running past them…

Just in case, here are 5

5 reasons to learn Chinese through authentic video content


I have a secret to share with you.

It’s embarrassing, but I want the best for our readers.

It’s how I broke through Chinese learning plateaus.

What’s my secret? Hours upon hours of Chinese dating shows and the Chinese version …

Essential Chengyu: To play the lute for a cow


Have you ever shared something great on Facebook, only to have no one like it?

Maybe what you shared wasn’t actually that great.

Or maybe your friends lack your taste and sophistication. Maybe it was a case of 对牛弹琴(duì niú

Essential Chengyu: To be dazzled or overwhelmed


Have you been to a Chinese casino? If not, you should check one out – they’re so colorful and glitzy that they make Western ones seem quiet and subdued in comparison!

If you go, we can’t guarantee that you’ll make

Essential Chengyu: Smooth talk


Have you ever been talked into buying something you didn’t want?

Or doing something you didn’t want to do?

Then you probably know what it’s like to be smooth talked with 花言巧语 (huā yán qiǎo yǔ).

花言巧语 (huā yán qiǎo

Essential Chengyu: Warren Buffett’s favorite


If you’ve noticed, our blog never promises results in 5 minutes a day. 

And we never will, because we still believe that old school values like hard work are the key to success in Chinese (as in other areas in …