Chinese Slang 101: “Color Wolf”


Have you ever been approached at a club by someone who seemed like a womanizer? There’s Chinese slang for that!

The phrase 色狼 (sèláng) literally translates as “color wolf”. This has no real meaning in English but most closely …

Chinese Slang: “Minding My Own Business”


Do you ever just want to stay uninvolved or tell someone else to mind their own business? If so, today’s Chinese slang word – 打酱油 (dǎ jiàng yóu – get soy sauce) – will be useful.

For example, if someone …

Chinese Slang for “Newbie”


Whether you’re brand new to Chinese or not, you”ll find use for today’s Chinese slang word: 菜鸟 (càiniǎo) – “newbie”.

This very popular word, which also means “rookie”, refers to someone that is new or inexperienced at something. The word …

Chinese Vocabulary Word List: Shanghai Cuisine

Chinese Shanghai food cuisine word name list

Are you eating the same things all the time at Chinese restaurants?

Are your Chinese friends not impressed anymore when you order Chinese food?

If so, maybe it’s time you got out of your Chinese food ordering rut.

To that