Lessons in Learning Chinese Series

There’s no doubt that people like to talk about language learning – we should know! The blogs, forums, comment sections, and tweets that make up the internet’s Chinese language “learnosphere” are alive with discussions about learning Chinese. From every corner of the web, every learner has their own tips, tricks, tools and experiences that make their approach to learning the language unique. Well then, how can we learn from the learners? What’s a good way to tap into that pool of valuable knowledge and share it with our readers? We say, just ask!

In our upcoming Chinese Language Learners interview series, each post will feature a different learner from around the Chinese language learnosphere. Using interview-style sit-down sessions we’ll inquire about tools, techniques, approaches, attitudes, advice, and of course – funny stories, that will hopefully not only entertain, but also provide valuable insight into our interviewees’ personal experience with learning the language. We’ll also provide information about where to find these learners on the web, and link to any sites, projects, or blogs that they may be affiliated with.

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In our first post, we’ll be featuring Kellen Parker of Sinoglot: a learner with an interesting background in language, a diverse approach to language learning, and some solid advice. Stay tuned.

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