10 Tried and True Tips for Learning with Chinese Tutors

So you’re learning Mandarin with a Chinese tutor.

Question: how do you know you’re making the most out of your time with your tutor?

If you are no longer a beginner and really want to get good, I don’t think it’s enough to sit back and take a fully passive approach.

Learning with multiple Chinese tutors helped me become fluent enough to work professionally in China in Mandarin Chinese.

From those experiences, here are my 10 tips on how to learn more effectively with Mandarin Chinese tutors.

10 Tips for Learning with Chinese Tutors

1) Speed, energy, and urgency

You will learn more when you both speak faster and with a sense of urgency. There should not be lulls in the conversation where you are both staring at each other. Instead, you should almost be cutting each other off because you have too much to say. Part of this is because  of quantity (you will fit more into your session) and part of this is because of quality (you will have more energy for the session).

2) It’s about you – you need to talk

You should be speaking most of the time (70 – 80%?), and at a rapid pace (it should feel like an hour long sprint). You can master new words and phrases only by using them yourself. Also, this creates opportunities for you to screw up, which creates opportunities for feedback and improvement. And when you get stuck, ask your language tutor to play the role of thesaurus and quickly list some words that you can use.

3) Challenge and push your tutor for feedback

If you’re talking a lot and your tutor is just smiling and agreeing, then something is wrong. Especially if you know you’ve been saying some awkward things. You need to ask constantly:

  • did I say anything remotely wrong or awkward?
  • is there a better way to say this?
  • is there a word that’s related to this that I should know but probably don’t?

This is where the tutor adds the most value and is absolutely critical.

4) Don’t gloss over mistakes

Actively seek out mistakes as opportunities to improve. When you know that you’ve made a mistake or even said something in an awkward way, instead of driving right past it, address it head on. Find the right answer and start using it right away. Those moments are where you can learn the fastest. Once you stop making mistakes, you stop improving.

5) Talk about what interests you

For you to be spending so much time talking, and to withstand so much (constructive) criticism, you need to be talking about topics that interest you. And in any case, you want to learn words that you’ll be using frequently anyway.




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6) Talk about topics that challenge your Chinese level

At the same time, it’s critical that you talk about topics that will force you to learn new vocabulary. Avoid topics that you already know  like the weather or what you had for lunch (unless that is a new area for you).

7) Collect new words and play with them like toys

The best way to master new words is to actively collect them and to test them out. Jump up the learning curve by playing around with the word and understanding its boundaries and limits. Without your tutor, you’d have to do it in the real world, which would take more time and be more awkward.

8 ) Align early with your Chinese tutor on the fact that the tutoring session is not a normal conversation

When you begin talking fast, interrupting each other, talking about unusual topics, and using new words over and over, it could misinterpreted as strange or even rude. Make a point to align early with your tutor and explain to them why you’re doing what you’re doing. Ask if this approach would work with them. Try to reach the mutual understanding that it’s all about the Chinese.

9) Get multiple Chinese tutors

If you have just one tutor, you will tire them out as you treat them like a thesaurus and constantly ask for feedback. Also, you will not get exposed to a wider variety of Chinese. At my high point, I had 5 Chinese tutors and on some days I would meet all of them. Do yourself a favor and get multiple tutors.

Start with Verbling. This is the best online destination for finding language tutors, and you could easily find a few different tutors here who meet your needs in terms of scheduling and price range.

You can also implement FluentU into your learning process, it’s almost like a real live tutor.

10) Rinse and repeat

Meet your tutors consistently, and make sure you review past words! At first they might see you strangely, but pretty soon you will again have 默契!

Your Chinese tutors are the ones who know the Chinese, but this doesn’t mean that you have to take a passive role to learning with them. Help them teach you by actively applying the tips above!

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