Live (and Learn) the Dream: 9 Immersive Chinese Programs in Singapore


Insert yourself into this dream.

The aroma of satay and fried noodles wafting from every alleyway.

Vibrant Hindu and Buddhist temples side-by-side in an array of kaleidoscopic colors.

Cities that never sleep with rich nightlife not unlike what you’d expect …

Good for a Laugh? 5 Things You Need to Know About Chinese Humor


Who doesn’t love making people laugh?

Now can you do it in a foreign language?

It’s so rewarding to make someone chuckle, and it’s especially rewarding if you can make someone from a totally different culture laugh in a …

Learn the Trickiest Chinese Vowel Sounds to Make Your Mandarin Vroom!


If you’re used to understanding difficult concepts the first time around, you’re in luck.

We’ve got one just for you!

Chinese vowels.

But, don’t worry if you’re not that type of person.

If understanding Mandarin Chinese vowels doesn’t come easily …

Chinese Prepositions: 21 Important Little Words and How to Use Them


Whether it’s an action or a moment, the small things matter.

But you know that already.

You’ve worked hard for every little bit of Chinese you know at this point.

You should definitely be proud of yourself!

And as we …

7 Easily Accessible Chinese Audiobook Resources for the Avid Chinese Learner


Had enough of the radio?

Done with being stuck in rush hour traffic with the same top 40 hits?

Do you take daily walks or work out regularly, finding yourself growing bored with the high-energy electronic music?

Or maybe you …

Beginner’s Luck! 9 Bold Online Resources for Learning Chinese as a Newbie


Hey, beginners.

It might seem like cheating, but it’s not.

Learning Mandarin Chinese while wearing your pajamas and lounging in your favorite chair is allowed.

While learning a language in a school setting has its merits, but it …

Land That Job! How to Introduce Yourself in Chinese for Interviews


Interviews are great, right?

Who doesn’t love the sleepless night before, the panic over what to wear in the morning, the sweating in the waiting room while thumbing through your resume looking for errors?

Alright, interviews aren’t that great. But …