Hot on Weibo: Award-Winning Study Shows Counting Money Relieves Pain

Suffering from back pain?

Instead of going to see the doctor, how about going to the ATM to find some money to count?

Chinese netizens are buzzing over an award-winning scientific finding by researchers at Zhongshan University that counting money can relieve pain. You can read their comments under the hashtag: #数钱可以缓解疼痛#(shǔ qián kě yǐ huǎn jiě téng tòng).

数 (shǔ): to count

钱 (qián): money.

可以 (kě yǐ): can

缓解 (huǎn jiě): to relieve

疼痛 (téng tòng): pain

The finding earned the researchers this year’s Pineapple Science award in the field of psychology. Despite it’s name, the Pineapple Science award seems to be a real award and not a joke. Organized by the Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum and (a science learning site), the award is given to scientific achievements that are funny, real, and can get people curious and passionate about science.

It’s not clear whether any scientists will come out of this, but netizens are having fun with it.

Here are our 4 favorite comments:

4. “Let’s exchange 10,000 RMB worth of change so we can count it”


wǒ men qù huàn yī wàn kuài de líng qián lái shǔ ba.


3. “If you keep counting it over and over, it’s still the same amount of money — isn’t that sad?”


rú guǒ shǔ lái shǔ qù, hái shì zhè me xiē qián, nà bú shì bēi jù le ma?


2. “Does this mean bank tellers are the happiest?”


shì bu shì yín háng de chū nà yuán shì zuì xìng fú de a?


1. “Then does remembering money you spent increase your pain?”


nà huí yì huā chū qù de qián, huì zēng jiā téng tòng gǎn ma?”

 Hope you liked this one!

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