FluentU Now Features Traditional Characters!

Since launching public beta last month, we have welcomed thousands of new users eager for a new way to learn Chinese through authentic online video.  Many of you have been forthcoming in feature requests and suggestions, and we encourage you to continue engaging with us through our blog, Twitter, Facebook, and direct site feedback.

One addition many of you have requested over the weeks is the inclusion of traditional characters.  Yes, you can already toggle English, pinyin, and (simplified) Chinese on or off, but until now we have never supported traditional character functionality.

Starting today, FluentU will support traditional characters!

Below each video, hover over the settings icon, and along with English, pinyin, and simplified characters, you can now choose to show traditional character subtitles. Instantaneously,  you can switch between simplified and traditional.

Whether you are a traditional character purist or a student of simplified looking for an easier way to pick up traditional, you now have a choice.

This important feature update is just a hint of changes still to come, so we encourage you all to continue submitting your feedback and suggestions as we strive to provide the best online Chinese learning service available.

Try it now!


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