New FluentU-Produced Videos: Perfect for Newbies

Here at FluentU, we’re all about authentic content. Authentic content helps you learn language the way it’s actually spoken in the real world.

However, we also know that authentic content, even when paired with an intelligent vocabulary learning system, is often times too difficult for brand new learners. To address this issue, we’ve started producing our very own FluentU Chinese language learning videos from scratch.

Starting with the Newbie course, “FluentU: A Good Morning”, FluentU videos are specially designed and produced to be an ideal starting place for Newbies – from your very first “ni3 hao3!” on up.

The dialogues are written precisely with language learners in mind, with intuitive filmmaking that takes full advantage of body language, props, and facial expressions.

Our goal with these videos is to make the learning process as effective and enjoyable – yet authentic – as possible.

That doesn’t mean FluentU courses are only for Newbies though.

With every FluentU video we hope to deliver a succinct and helpful language lesson that can easily translate into the real world for any learner.

In “FluentU: Making Friends and Drinking Coffee” for example, learn the language of introductions, making new friends, and even coffeeshop chit-chat.

In the Elementary course, “FluentU: Table for Two“, get started with restaurant basics like being seated, asking for a menu, and the ever-so-essential- asking where the restroom is.


And in, “FluentU: Dinner with a Friend”, continue with more restaurant essentials like ordering food and paying the bill, while at the same time learning how to catch up with an old friend.

So, give ’em a shot and see what you think! You can check out any of the FluentU courses mentioned above via the links in this post, or by way of the Courses page at FluentU.com.

As for future FluentU courses – we’re not done yet. We’re hard at work putting together even more FluentU videos that will help you reach your language learning goals and make your experience with FluentU even better.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or feedback about either existing or future courses, be sure to let us know! We’re always listening.


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