4 Handy Chinese Tests Online for the Challenge-loving Learner

It doesn’t matter how strong of a student you are.

Taking a test is never fun. Especially if there’s something at stake.

Even if you enjoy a good challenge, there’s a lot of anxiety that builds up before an exam.

Luckily, practice tests are here to make the real test less stressful. And there are plenty of practice exams out there to help you for your upcoming Chinese test.

Whether you’re taking the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Exam), the AP Chinese Language & Culture Exam, a Chinese test as part of a course or you just want to assess your skills through test-taking, a Chinese practice test is a vital part of your preparatory study routine.

Lucky for you, 学生 (xuéshēng) — student, we found four great places to take a Chinese practice test online.

But how exactly can taking a small test before the big test help one hone in on their Mandarin skills?


Why Should I Take an Online Chinese Test?

  • If you’re working on passing a certain level of the HSK, online Chinese tests can help you prepare and get a feel for what level you’re at. If you’re unfamiliar with the HSK, it’s the Chinese Proficiency Exam used by schools, the government and employers to tangibly measure one’s Mandarin language skills. There are six levels of difficulty, the first being post-beginner and the sixth being native-level fluency. You can apply to take the HSK through the official HSK website.
  • Practice tests are a great challenge to give you motivation to learn. Nothing gets a language learner’s blood pumping quite like a test. Even if you don’t feel like you learn particularly well through test-taking, online Chinese tests are great resources to challenge and motivate yourself on your language-learning journey. Plus, you can accurately assess where you’re at in your journey through taking a test.
  • Practice makes perfect, so using these practice tests in conjunction with studying can only improve your Chinese. Practicing Chinese involves much more than sitting through a lecture and studying notes. Playing Chinese games, watching Chinese TV, talking with Chinese native speakers and taking Chinese practice tests are all ways you can make your daily practice routine more interesting.

Looking for a Chinese Test Online? Here Are 4 to Choose from

It’s worth noting that some of the online Chinese tests we’ll be covering are designed specifically for acing the HSK. But even if you don’t plan on taking the Chinese Proficiency Test, each one of these resources is absolutely worth trying out to test your own knowledge and improve your Mandarin skills!

Wohok HSK 1 Practice Test

chinese test online

Do you prefer options when it comes to studying? Maybe you’re great at reading Chinese but struggle with speaking. Or you’ve mastered pinyin but can’t recognize characters.

With the HSK 1 Practice Test from Wohok, you certainly have some options for what type of test to take.

You have six tests to choose from:

  • Memory: Character to Pinyin. This take on traditional memory games concentrates on improving word pronunciation.
  • Listening: Sound to Character. Match spoken Chinese to its respective hanzi.
  • Listening: Sound to Pinyin. Match spoken Chinese to its respective pinyin.
  • Reading: Character to Meaning. If you’re struggling with remembering character meanings, this is a great practice test to try.
  • Writing: Meaning to Character. Similar to the reading exam, this test helps you connect what you wish to express with the correct characters.
  • Pronunciation: Character to Pinyin. Match the correct tone or pinyin to the displayed hanzi.

These practice tests are free to take. If you’re using this test specifically for the HSK, you can also choose practice tests for each HSK level.

ChineseFor.Us Beginner Quiz

chinese test online

Look out, beginners, this is the best practice test for you!

ChineseFor.Us offers a neat little practice test package for beginner Mandarin learners that includes the following:

  • 250 Chinese quiz questions that cover pinyin, hanzi, reading, writing, listening and comprehension questions.
  • 10 random surprise questions per quiz to really throw you for a challenging loop.
  • An absolute beginner’s Chinese test to assess just how much Chinese you know.
  • Free retakes anytime.

These quizzes are free to take with an account, but it costs money to create the account itself. (ChineseFor.Us costs about $9.99 per month for six months of full use of their courses and tests.)

The good news? You can try their seven-day free trial to take these tests. It’s definitely worth it, even if you only plan on taking this beginner’s practice test.

ESL Chinese Language Test

chinese test online

ESL Languages is an awesome site that focuses on language programs for a variety of languages, ages and levels. Their online Chinese practice test is simple in nature and one of the best free resources on this list.

The online practice test is composed of 40 multiple-choice questions and takes between 20 and 40 minutes to complete, depending on your learning level. This test is ideal for post-beginner and intermediate learners based on the difficulty of each question. Each question is composed of a pinyin and hanzi sentence with missing words that you must select from four choices.

At the end of the practice test, you see your score along with the correct answers to each question. You can retake the practice test as many times as you’d like.

A Real Me Chinese Vocabulary Test

chinese test online

Are you interested in an online practice test that can accurately assess how strong your Mandarin vocabulary skills are? A Real Me is a great resource for testing your vocabulary skills, and they offer a ton of languages other than Chinese, as well.

The test is 50 questions long. Each question is in hanzi, and you’ll select the correct answer to the question (also in hanzi) from four multiple-choice options. Some of the questions are sentences with missing words that you’ll have to fill in.

At the end of the test, you’ll be shown your assessment and how many vocabulary words you know based on your answers, as well as a percentage level. Retake the quiz as often as you’d like!

This practice test is obviously geared toward advanced learners, as everything is in hanzi. But intermediate learners looking for a challenge should give it a shot, too!


We hope you’re feeling a little less nervous about your upcoming exam after taking these practice Chinese tests online.

Taking exams is a pain, but they’re certainly helpful when it comes to assessing your learning level and challenging yourself. Good luck and 努力学习 (nǔlì xuéxí) — study hard!

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