Chinese Idiom Invisible Artist

Chinese Idiom For Invisible Artist

Just a picture of New York city?

Look again – there’s been a man in the middle staring at you the whole time!

It’s the work of renowned Chinese artist Liu Bolin. 

He meticulously paints himself so that he can blend into his surroundings unnoticed.

This isn’t your everyday art – you could say it is 别出心裁(bié chū xīn cái).

别出心裁(bié chū xīn cái) is a Chinese idiom that means something is original and creative. It’s usually used for things involving creativity, like art or marketing. 

Perhaps it could be used to describe our own FluentU?

Here’s a breakdown of the characters in 别出心裁(bié chū xīn cái):

别 (bié): other

出 (chū): it means “out” and here it could be considered to be shorthand for 想出来 (xiǎng chū lái), which means “think out”

心裁 (xīn cái): a plan or design

Here are examples 别出心裁(bié chū xīn cái) of in the wild:

Usage 1) As a Verb.

Example 1 A)

英国公司别出心裁,电梯墙壁上贴饼干 “

“yīng guó gōng sī bié chū xīn cái, diàn tī qiáng bì shàng tiē bǐng gān”

“This British company is original – they’ve stuck crackers on elevator walls”

Example 1 B)

他的艺术充满特色,别出心裁,引人注目 “

“tā de yì shù chōng mǎn tè sè, bié chū xīn cái, yǐn rén zhù mù”

“His art is filled with style – it’s original and attracts attention”

Example 1 C)

开发商别出心裁,以抽奖活动、节目表演等形式吸引买家驻足 “

“kāi fā shāng bié chū xīn cái, yǐ chōu jiǎng huó dòng, jié mù biǎo yǎn děng xíng shì xī yǐn mǎi jiā zhù zú “

“The developers are original — they use things like lotteries, programs, and performances to attract buyers to stop and watch”

Usage 2) 别出心裁 + 的 + Noun.

Example 2 A)

…一种别出心裁的礼物 “

“…yī zhǒng bié chū xīn cái de lǐ wù “

“.. a kind of present that is original

Example 2 B)

“…一种别出心裁的宣传手法 “

“… yī zhǒng bié chū xīn cái de xuān chuán shǒu fǎ “

“…an original kind of marketing technique”

Example 2 C)

法国上周六举行了一次别出心裁的选美比赛 “

“fǎ guó shàng zhōu liù jǔ xíng le yī cì bié chū xīn cái de xuǎn měi bǐ sài “

“France held an original kind of beauty pageant last Saturday”

Usage 3) 别出心裁 + 地 + Verb.

Example 3 A)

设计师别出心裁地将红色辣椒印上连衣裙 “

“shè jì shī bié chū xīn cái de jiāng hóng sè là jiāo yìn shàng lián yī qún “

“The designer unconventionally put red peppers on the dress”

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