Chengyu for Why Starbucks Wins in China While Others Fail

We know China’s a huge market …

… where well-known multinational brands like Ebay, Groupon, and Best Buy go to die.

But for Starbucks, China’s one of their most profitable markets.

The reason for their success?

They adjusted to local conditions with things like green tea flavored drinks and larger outlet sizes.

In other words they 因地制宜(yīn dì zhì yí).

 因地制宜(yīn dì zhì yí) means to adapt a way of doing things to suit local conditions. It’s usually used in more formal contexts like business or politics.

Here’s a breakdown of the characters in 因地制宜(yīn dì zhì yí): 

因 (yīn): according to or on the basis of

地 (dì): place (eg. 地方 – dì fang)

制 (zhì): to lay down or draw up (eg. 制定 – zhì dìng)

宜 (yí): to be suitable, appropriate

Here are some examples of how to use  因地制宜(yīn dì zhì yí):

Usage 1) As a Verb.

Example 1 A)

产品开发要根据实际需求因地制宜 “

“chǎn pǐn kāi fā yào gēn jù shí jì xū qiú yīn dì zhì yí

“Product development needs to be based on real demand – it needs to be suited to local conditions

Example 1 B)

“…得根据不同的条件因地制宜 “

“…děi gēn jù bù tóng de tiáo jiàn yīn dì zhì yí

“….you need to adapt it to suit different local conditions

Usage 2) 因地制宜 + 地 + Verb.

Example 2 A)


“…gè dì qū yīng yīn dì zhì yí de zuò hǎo liáng shi zuò wù de bǎo quán gōng zuò”

“…each area should adapt to local conditions in doing their grain crop preservation work”

Example 2 B)

在当今社会,应该如何因地制宜…地学雷锋? “

“zài dāng jīn shè huì, yīng gāi rú hé yīn dì zhì yí… de xué léi fēng? “

“In current society, how should we emulate Lei Feng and adapt his example to local conditions?”

Usage 3) 因地制宜 + 的 + Noun.

Example 3 A)


“cǎi qǔ yīn dì zhì yí de fāng fǎ…”

“adapting a method that is suited to local conditions

Example 3 B)


“…chuàng zào yīn dì zhì yí de róng zī huán jìng “

“…to create an investment environment that is suited to local conditions

Hope you enjoyed this chengyu!

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