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We’re happy to announce that development for our smartphone apps are well under way (finally!).


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Now that’s what I’m talking about!


Our app will continue to deliver more of what you’ve come to expect from FluentU: learning through …

New Updated Video Player and More FluentU Courses

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Here at FluentU, we recently updated the video player in an effort to make watching and learning on FluentU an even better experience – no matter what size screen or device you’re using. We also published two brand new FluentU-produced …

A New Way to Use FluentU: Decks


As our library of authentic video content continues to grow here at FluentU, we’re always working to find new and more effective ways to connect you with that content and utilize it as effectively as possible.

With that goal in …

Sign Up for Free, Early Access to FluentU for Other Languages

As you know, FluentU is the way to learn a language with the web’s best authentic videos. But until now, we’ve only covered Chinese for English speakers.

This isn’t to say that we won’t do other languages. What works amazingly …

New FluentU-Produced Videos: Perfect for Newbies


Here at FluentU, we’re all about authentic content. Authentic content helps you learn language the way it’s actually spoken in the real world.

However, we also know that authentic content, even when paired with an intelligent vocabulary learning system, is …

50 Essential Chengyu: Chinese Idioms Made Simple E-book


We’ve taken 50 practical Chinese idioms and put them together in a neat, organized e-book that’s essential for being fluent in Chinese.

A lot of the chengyu are found from our blog posts under our “essential chengyu” category. …

New Home Page and Other Updates


If you’ve been on FluentU in the past day or so you’ve probably noticed a few changes to the site. We’re currently in the process of giving FluentU a bit of a facelift, as well as introducing some exciting new …