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Top 10 Tweets of March


This month at FluentU, on top of creating an awesome list of email lingo you’ll need to know for any business environment, we’ve also started producing our own FluentU videos!

Check out the top 10 tweets of March below.…

201314: Love You Forever


Though not an official holiday, on Jan 4th 2013, there’s something called “爱你一生一世” in China.

This holiday got its name because the date, 二零一三一四 (èr líng yī sān yī sì – 2013.1.4.) sounds like “爱你一生一世” (ài nǐ yī …

Top Slang Phrases Of 2012


Whoa what a year 2012 has been with the Mayans predicting doomsday and Xi Jinping replacing Hu Jingtao as the leader of the Chinese Communist Party! Whether it’s finding the latest on “The Voice of China” or what’s …

Top 10 Tweets of October


In addition to the big news we announced in August (support for traditional characters, rebranding as FluentU), we kept the pedal to the metal with our language tweets.

Those of you following us on Twitter were treated …

Top 10 Tweets of September


Another month of bringing you Twitter’s best daily Chinese word and phrases tweets! All you have to do is follow us on Twitter (@FluentU), then sit back and watch the daily words, phrases, chengyus, and example sentences roll

Hot on Weibo: “My Mom is Always Saying…”


Whether it be sage advice, nagging reminders, pesky intrusions, or reassuring comfort, mothers around the world offer steady streams of profound lessons and petty quibs.

Weibo users spent the last few days sharing some of their mothers’ favorite phrases, displaying …

Hot on Weibo: Being Single on Chinese Valentine’s Day (七夕)


七夕节 (qī xī jié), commonly known as Chinese Valentine’s Day or Magpie Festival, is an ancient traditional holiday falling on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month in the Chinese lunar calendar. It is a folktale about the