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Play It Cool with Chengyu: 10 Slick Chinese Idioms You Oughta Know


Would you rather…

  • Be oblivious while everyone’s laughing at a Chinese joke, or
  • Suddenly laugh out loud while everyone else raises their eyebrows at you?

Whichever you choose, both scenarios can only mean one thing: a-w-k-w-a-r-d.

Even if you’ve mastered

Idiom for the Deceit in House of Flying Daggers

idiom deceit house flying daggers

Besides the totally beautiful nature scenes and awesome martial arts, House of Flying Daggers is actually full of lots of lies and deceit.

Who’s the better fox? Xiaomei (Zhang Ziyi) pretending to be the blind daughter of the leader …

50 Essential Chengyu: Chinese Idioms Made Simple E-book


We’ve taken 50 practical Chinese idioms and put them together in a neat, organized e-book that’s essential for being fluent in Chinese.

A lot of the chengyu are found from our blog posts under our “essential chengyu” category. …

6 Snake Phrases for the Year of the Snake


2013 is the year of the Snake (蛇 – shé)!

Contrary to western belief, the snake in Chinese culture doesn’t represent trickery, deceit or evil.

Instead, astrologically speaking, the snake is the yin to the dragon’s yang, the PB …

Chengyu For Baidu’s New Image Search Engine


China’s main search engine tool, Baidu, is testing facial recognition image searching. Starting with popular celebrity photos for now, this search engine tool allows you to find people based on the picture you’d paste or upload into the search …

How To Pick “The One” Chengyu


Watch out & eharmony! China’s online dating is booming and not stopping anytime soon. With about 180 million singles, it’s no wonder sites, like Jiayuan.comare making a killing.

Popular television shows such as 非诚勿扰 and 百里挑一 have …

China’s Most “Ambitious” Chengyus

As a reader of this blog, we already know you are an ambitious type.

As profiled in a certain learner interview from the spring, as a student of the Chinese language, you “recognize and respect the enormity of the task …