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Take a Sick Day: Over 50 Chinese Medical Terms for Anything That Ails You


A hospital’s a scary place.

It’s even worse when you don’t speak the language.

If you live in a Chinese-speaking place, you may experience some extra dread whenever you go to a doctor or need to make an emergency …

15 Useful Chinese Travel Phrases Every Traveler Should Learn



It leads you back to the basics.

It reminds you why you fell in love with Chinese language in the first place.

Traveling can help you connect not only with Chinese, but also with the people. It gives meaning …

Top 10 Chinese Vocabulary Words for the Ghost Month


Do you remember back when you were a kid?

The scariest thing out there were ghost stories!

You may have cowered in fear, hiding under the covers and promising to be better tomorrow, just so long as the ghosts didn’t …

Chinese Food Vocabulary: 15 Famous Dimsum Dishes You Oughta Know


Have you had that moment when you’re feeling proud because ordering drinks in Chinese is simple and you have great Chinese table etiquette, but then you go to a Chinese restaurant and look at their menu and go, “What …

The Business Chinese Vocabulary List for Consultants


Do you know how to say “online marketing” in Mandarin Chinese?

How about “business model” or “tier 1 city”?

If you’re curious, our Mandarin Chinese vocabulary list for consultants (and other business professionals too, of course) has you covered – …

Ultimate Chinese Vocabulary Word List for Clothing

chinese vocabulary word list clothing

Do you know how to say “pants” in Mandarin Chinese?

How about “jeans”?

How about “cuff links,” “denim,” and “shoelace”?

If you’re curious about this and more, you’ve come to the right place. Without further adieu, here’s our Chinese vocabulary …

Bottoms Up! The Ultimate Chinese Vocabulary Word List for Alcoholic Drinks


Want to really impress your Chinese friends?

Next time you go to a bar, order a mojito or cosmo…. in Mandarin Chinese.

For all of you out there who would like to learn some Chinese vocabulary words and phrases for …