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Chinese Internet Slang 101: How to Chat Online Like a Native

Chinese internet slang

You’re ready to take the plunge.

Your Chinese friends have been bugging you for weeks to create a profile on some hip new site.

So you dive right in to Chinese internet.

You log in, look around, but then …

12 Essential American Slang in Mandarin Chinese


Do you know what the terms “bff,” “lol” and “srsly” mean?

How about “yolo,” “tbt” and “turnt?”

These slang words, sourced from everyday language in real life, are rarely—if ever—taught in a classroom.

Plus, they are constantly being …

The Cool Way to Say Help or Support: 顶

give boost lend hand withstanding

Whether stuck in some kind of trouble or on the road towards success, it’s always nice to be able to have a bit of help or encouragement that will get you through and keep you going.

Each presidential candidate has …

Slang for Feeling Down: 囧


Chinese character or iPhone emoji?

When I first came across this, I couldn’t tell if this was a real character since it looked so different, just like a smiley face (more like a crying face).

For the non-Chinese …

24 Mandarin Chinese Slang Phrases Every Learner Should Know

Chinese Idioms with FluentU

The Importance of Chinese Slang

For intermediate Chinese learners, the goal is no longer simply survival Chinese.

The goal shifts towards not only communicating with people on more complex topics, but also to make people laugh and to connect with …

Who Knew That Chinese Fruits Were Under So Much Pressure

knew chinese fruits pressure

鸭梨(yā lí): The original and literal meaning of the word is a kind of pear grown in the Hebei Province of Northeastern China.

The word has become Chinese slang for “stress” or “pressure.” This is because the Chinese word …

Chinese Slang 101: A-OKAY

slang 101 top

That nod of approval, the a-okay hand signal .. all these signs that’ll mean the green light.
Whether it’s getting the okay on building a new project you’ve presented to the boss or that new approval on your credit …