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Learn the Trickiest Chinese Vowel Sounds to Make Your Mandarin Vroom!


If you’re used to understanding difficult concepts the first time around, you’re in luck.

We’ve got one just for you!

Chinese vowels.

But, don’t worry if you’re not that type of person.

If understanding Mandarin Chinese vowels doesn’t come easily …

Chinese Prepositions: 21 Important Little Words and How to Use Them


Whether it’s an action or a moment, the small things matter.

But you know that already.

You’ve worked hard for every little bit of Chinese you know at this point.

You should definitely be proud of yourself!

And as we …

Land That Job! How to Introduce Yourself in Chinese for Interviews


Interviews are great, right?

Who doesn’t love the sleepless night before, the panic over what to wear in the morning, the sweating in the waiting room while thumbing through your resume looking for errors?

Alright, interviews aren’t that great. But …

How’s the Weather? 20+ Chinese Weather Words and Phrases You Need to Know


What’s the most basic conversation-starter you can think of?

Ah, yes. “How’s the weather?”

Sure, it may be a bit default and typical. But asking about the weather is one of the most common ways to break the ice with …

How to Give a Graceful Chinese “Thank You” in Any Situation


Think of a time where you were really grateful for something.

Did a beloved friend give you a really heartfelt gift?

Has a coworker covered your shift on a Saturday?

Chances are you can definitely think of a time …

Merry Christmas and More! 5 Warm Chinese Christmas Greetings


The smell of the holidays is in the air, whether you’re ready for it or not!

People are decorating for Christmas, prepping for cozy parties and preparing gifts for the ones they love.

And not just in the United States …

How to Say No in Chinese: Denying, Declining, Rejecting and Denouncing


How many ways can you say, “no”?

Let’s see. You could say, “I’m all right, thanks,” “I’d rather not” and “that’s wrong.”

There are also the colloquial variations, such as “nah” and “nope,” and some indirect forms like “we’ll …