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How Not to Act Like a Foreigner in Chinese Business: Advanced Vocab and Cultural Tips


China could be the world’s largest economy by 2030.

That’s according to the International Monetary Fund. While it hasn’t happened yet and China’s economic growth has slowed to a “modest” 6.5% per year, the country’s business scene is …

Whoosh! 20 Must-know Chinese Verbs for Learners in a Hurry


Do you think Chinese is hard?

Well, buckle your seat belt…

Because you’re about to zip faster than you thought possible through one entire Chinese topic.

You’re about to find out what exactly makes Mandarin one of the easiest languages

Lovers, Pals, Strangers… Chinese Terms of Endearment for All!


Are you more of a “sweetheart” person, or do you prefer “babe”?

Perhaps you’re into millennial terms like “bae.”

Some cringe at pet names altogether, but hey, to each their own, right?

Regardless of how you feel about them, the …

The Business-ready Guide: How to Write an Email in Chinese


Remember when they said the ol’ email would be obsolete soon?

Remember when everyone thought social media would eat the original communication service of the internet and render it useless?

Yeah, right.

If you’re an online freelancer or someone who …

How to Talk to (or About) Family and Friends in Chinese


Friends. Food. Feelings. Identities. Weather. Family.

Maybe you’re someone who believes labels are too restrictive.

That’s totally understandable and okay.

Lots of labels can be unnecessary and limiting!

But on a practical level, language irrevocably revolves around labeling just about

How to Learn Chinese Grammar: 5 Tips for Excelling at Mandarin


Learning Chinese is super easy, right?

I mean, the only things you really need to know are some words, phrases and speaking tones to get by… right?

Maybe this basic knowledge can get you by during a weekend stay …

How Do Plurals Work in Chinese? The Simple 3-step Guide


What do you mean, no plurals?!

You may’ve heard that in Chinese, nouns are the same in both singular and plural forms.

You can’t just tack on an -s, like we do in English.

So how will you …