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6 Roku Resources for Channeling Your Chinese Skills


Roku has become a real game-changer.

It lets you customize your TV options in a way traditional cable hasn’t.

It’s also a massively useful way to learn Mandarin.

For those who need to be brought into the loop, Roku …

Easy Reading: 5 Chinese-English Parallel Texts for Language Learners


Reading will never go out of style.

It’s true that we spend more time staring at screens than ever before, but for many people, there’s still nothing like the experience of reading a physical book.

Whether you’re curled up …

Manga for Chinese Learners: 7 Gripping Graphic Novels in Mandarin (Plus English Translations)


Reading manga is a very chill way to learn Chinese.

Well, chill for you, anyways.

The characters are always getting into some crazy drama.

I’m talking everything from secret high school romances to warfare between gods and humanity.

But …

Pick Up the Pace: 5 Intensive Chinese Courses to Study Abroad


Ah, the art of learning.

Remember what it was like in middle school, high school or college?

No matter where you went for your studies, your classes were probably all arranged in a similar, rigid schedule.

Over the course of …

10 Mandarin Chinese Music Videos for Learning the Language and Culture


Music moves us.

It makes us dance, cry and laugh.

It puts melodies and prose to concepts that we think about constantly, such as love and anger.

It helps us cope and keeps us entertained.

Music can also help us

Want to Learn Chinese in Singapore? Find the Course for Your Goals and Price Point


Insert yourself into this dream.

The aroma of satay and fried noodles wafting from every alleyway.

Vibrant Hindu and Buddhist temples side-by-side in an array of kaleidoscopic colors.

Cities that never sleep with rich nightlife not unlike what you’d expect …

7 Easily Accessible Chinese Audiobook Resources for the Avid Chinese Learner


Had enough of the radio?

Done with being stuck in rush hour traffic with the same top 40 hits?

Do you take daily walks or work out regularly, finding yourself growing bored with the high-energy electronic music?

Or maybe you …