Bargaining 102: Top 5 Phrases To Seal The Deal

With Black Friday coming up next week, people will start bring out those tents to camp out in front of stores; however, wouldn’t it be great to get those sales & discount deals everyday? 

Well, by bargaining right, you can. From our previous post, we gave you some basic phrases for haggling (讨价还价). Hope you’ve all been practicing because here comes some more phrases that will help you seal that deal!

1. 交个朋友 (jiāo gè péng yǒu): to be friends

You’re always willing to let more slide with your friends. Why not be friends with the 老板, boss man, and get a better price? This phrase means to make or be friends with someone & is not only applicable when bargaining.

 Example A:


”lǎo bǎn a, jiāo gè péng yǒu ma!”

“Boss, let’s be friends!”


2. 介绍更多的朋友 (jiè shào gèng duō de péng yǒu): introduce even more friends 

Networking! Who doesn’t want to have a bigger, wider network of customers that would bring in more referrals? Use this phrase, to show that you’d introduce your friends to come shop at their store, bringing them more business.

Example A:


“rú guǒ nǐ pián yi diǎn mài gěi wǒ, wǒ jiù huì jiè shào gèng duō de péng yǒu gěi nǐ”

“If you sell it to me cheaper, I’ll introduce even more friends to you.”

3. 下次还会回来 (xià cì hái huì huí lái): come back next time

As a business, you want to have new and returning customers. Say this phrase because it shows that the store owner will have an opportunity to sell more items to you in the future!

Example A:


“bié dān xīn wǒ xià cì hái huì huí lái de”

“Don’t worry, I’ll come back next time.”


4. 爽快 (shuǎng kuài): faster, be more direct, cut to the chase

From my previous experiences, Chinese people communicate in an indirect way, often beating around the bush. Well, for those that have a “just get to the point,” or “cut to the chase” mentality, this is the phrase for you!

Example A:


“Zán men shuǎng kuài diǎn, nǐ dǐ jià shì duō shǎo?”

“Let’s just cut to the chase, what’s your lowest price?”

Example B:


“Wǒ shì fēi cháng shuǎng kuài de, zuì duō $20″

“I’m very direct, the most is $20.”


5. 下班价 (xià bān jià): closing price

The leather jacket that was $100 during the day might be $90 ten minutes before the store closes. The owner wants to just make another sale before the end of the day & make the item cheaper. So for all you late night bargainers, tell the boss you want their 下班价.

Example A:


“yǐ jīng shí diǎn le, gěi wǒ nǐ de xià bān jià

“It’s already 10 o’clock, give me your closing price.”


If you’ve got any other great phrases, please share! Ready? Set? Shop.

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