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Chinese Internet Slang 101: How to Chat Online Like a Native

Chinese internet slang

You’re ready to take the plunge.

Your Chinese friends have been bugging you for weeks to create a profile on some hip new site.…

4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Be Learning Chinese Online

online chinese learning

This is the right time for you to learn Chinese.

Not just the right time in your life—the right time in human history.

The …

6 Brilliant Ways to Teach Yourself Chinese That You Haven’t Seen Before

teach yourself chinese

When’s the last time you had a day with absolutely nothing to do?

It’s hard to remember that far back, right?

We’re so busy …

The Ultimate Guide to Learning Chinese with Radio Online

chinese radio online

The tones! Oh god not the tones!”

“Which ‘shi’ did you mean this time?”

“What was that? Another !@#& chéngyǔ?!”

Sound …

The Complete Guide to Finding the Best Chinese Translation Apps out There

best chinese translation app

Chinese is the hardest language to read in the world.

An outstanding Chinese translation app can serve as a much-needed lifesaver.

Without a little …

4 Free Online Chinese Lessons and Other Resources That’ll Make Learning a Breeze

online chinese lessons

So you have made the decision to start learning Chinese.

Or maybe you just decided to take your Mandarin abilities to the next

5 Intermediate Chinese Conversation Tips for Surprising Fluency

intermediate Chinese conversation

The more Mandarin Chinese you learn, the less you feel like you know.

It’s a weird phenomenon, and it means that intermediate-level Chinese …