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6 Tools You’ve Gotta Use to Learn Advanced Chinese

learn advanced chinese

Have you studied Chinese for a while now and are ready to take the next step?

The stage of getting from intermediate to advanced Chinese is one of the hardest.

Why is that?

It might be the same in every …

5 Killer Tips to Master Chinese Character Stroke Order


One of the reasons why I started studying Chinese is because the beautiful and mysterious-looking characters fascinated me.

I always dreamed of walking through a busy street and seeing nothing but flashing signs in Chinese.

It’s fun and all, but …

10 Easy Steps to Learn Conversational Chinese on Your Path to Fluency


Have you ever felt like you’ve studied Chinese for hours and hours but you can’t say a sentence?

Have Chinese people approached you with a question but you just couldn’t find the right words to express yourself?

Don’t worry! That …

5 Rockstar Tips to Learn Mandarin Chinese at Home


Chinese is an awesome language.

It definitely stands out from the usual Romance languages, and the characters just look so cool!

Plus, if Mark Zuckerberg is learning the language, even more reason to hop on board, right?

But …